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trumptronic.com, Established, 4th of July 2019

Created to solve a problem: to have a simple, clean, fast, easy to use dedicated forum for all things relating to the Donald Trump Presidency, the most electronically capable cyberspace savvy US presidency to date!

No one person can do this on their own, it has to be a group effort, if trumptronic.com helps one person, then it helps everybody who wants to keep watching the show - to allow anyone engage, discuss, share insights, breaking news, follow the political short, medium and long games, discover the literal and the mysterious - without fear or favour.

Privacy Policy Note (updated August 4th, 2021):

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If you wish, you may mitigate with anti-tracking features using browsers or browser plugin-ins and other 3rd party software.

This platform is adapted for users where GDPR applies.

In the event there are changes this policy statement will be updated accordingly.

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